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Real Work From Home Jobs...

.. or how this website supports my German translation business

The chance to work home online - when you choose, and at your own pace - is something I guess many people would jump at.

My freelance German translation business has given me the chance to do so. And I've also found a way of combining it with one of the best work at home opportunities available.

I guess if you've clicked through to this page, then you're interested in hearing about it.

Well, it's like this....

How it all started

I grew up coming home from school each day to the inviting warmth of a cosy artist's studio, the smell of printing ink, and a cheery "hello".

My stepfather was also a fan of working from home - as a marine artist and engraver, his studio was in the house. Since those days, the idea of working from home has always had positive associations.

(And this was the view from our house – so you can understand that I get nostalgic!)

Since graduating and starting out professional life in PR & marketing in London, life and love has brought me to Austria. Here my greatest asset is my command of the English language.

After studying German and later taking my German translation qualifications, I started out as a freelance translator. It's a real work from home job and one I enjoy - I've never looked back.

I work for a series of clients, translation agencies and private organizations.

It's fun. Translation is great for curious people - I get to see what other people are up to and learn about the work of a whole range of different businesses and organizations.

Variety is the spice of life, and I love to get my teeth into new translation challenges.

(And yes, the view here isn’t too bad either!)

But I’m more than just a translator .... I'm also a work at home mum - a "WAHM".

Because I work home online, I can be around for the kids when they need me.

In many German-speaking countries school stops at lunchtime, and so I need my afternoons free for the important things in life – supervising homework and ferrying children to sports clubs, friends and activities!

Real work from home jobs for a busy mum

However, although working in German translation is fun and challenging and life was busy, it also felt somewhat hectic and disorganized.

I realized it was because, as a freelance translator, it was my clients who determined when I worked, and not me.

Although I work with a network of clients, German translation jobs can be a bit like buses – short periods when no jobs come in, and then 3 job offers at once. That means being permanently on standby, and ready to take on a new translation task when it comes.

But you never know how long that standby will be. 

So I started thinking how I could use my non-translating “downtime” more effectively.

And I realized the answer was staring me in the face.

That thing on my desk.

My computer.

And I began to think, the world is online, so why not me?

I started to do some research about what else I could do to generate extra income while when not directly at work home online.

I searched the web and quickly learnt about “home based computer work”, “real work from home jobs”, “additional streams of revenue” etc. I probably spent about a year considering my options, and learning a lot of interesting stuff on the way about online businesses.

More than a real work at home job – a real business!

I'd begun to think I was wasting my valuable time, and getting rather off-subject.

But I kept coming across a website called Solo Build It! (SBI) which helps ordinary people with no webmaster skills (like me) to build their own successful online businesses and work from home.

So I surfed many of the websites written by people using the SBI website building system.

Solo Build It!

These were websites about all sorts of weird and wonderful things - juggling, renting villas, investing, playing poker, building houses, travel sites, recipe sites, wedding sites, gift sites etc.

And not only were each of these sites providing valuable information on all sorts of topics, they were also fun, readable - and generating income for their owners at the same time! Anything from a little extra holiday money to “bye-bye” day job and “hello” my own real work from home business.

These were real people from all sorts of backgrounds, who'd taken the time and effort to create their own real work from home jobs by building their own web-based businesses.

It really did seem the best work at home opportunity around on the web.

And then came my Eureka moment!

“What about a German translation website!”

German translation is the ideal niche for me because I translate German, it's a subject I know about, am passionate about, and am forever talking about.

So I started thinking about what information was out there on the web about German and German translation.

I quickly discovered that there were really only 2 types of websites:

  • Websites published by translation agencies advertising their own German translation services
  • General sites about learning German.

There was nothing I could find about German translation as a subject, or about helping buyers of translation, promoting other freelance German translators or celebrating the role of English in a German-speaking environment.

“Ah ha!”, I thought. My chance to give readers outside the profession a few insights and pointers, encouragement to anyone considering  translation as a career, and help for those simply lost in a German-speaking environment.

And so the idea for German Translation Tips & Resources was born.

And the result?

You’re reading it.

My very own, real, work from home job / business / passion

Its taken time to build (it’s a work in progress), but it's a great voyage of discovery, a huge learning experience and great fun.

I research new topics and think about what potential visitors might be wanting to know or be interested in. Then I write a page, and add it to the site. Once up, it's working for me forever. 

And at the same time, my site brings in extra income (even when I’m asleep, on holiday, translating, at the cinema....you get the idea.) It's still a real kick when an Amazon or Google check arrives in the post.

To be honest, my primary interest is still my German translation business, and the site helps me win new clients. So for me it's worthwhile simply as an effective way of marketing my services.

But I know lots of other SBI owners have swapped their 9-to-5s for a full time, home based SBI business, and make a good living from it.

Want to do the same?

Maybe my story will give you the urge and confidence to start your own real job working from home. You can either ditch your 9-to-5 and turn to home based computer work, or work home online and boost the business you already run!

Like many of my fellow SBIers, I'm no techno-geek, and can’t tell my CSS from my HTML. But thanks to Solo Build It's wonderful tools, advice and support, I don't need to. 

If you want more information, you can also talk to the boss himself! The Solo Build It team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have (with NO obligation on your behalf).

Why not see what other successful SBIers have to say?

Meanwhile, thanks for reading this far.


German Translation Tips & Resources

Update: My SBI! review – proud to be joining other SBIers in spreading the word!

> My Story

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Joanna Scudamore-Trezek

I'm a German to English translator living and working in Vienna,  Austria.  I turn German texts into clear and accessible English, allowing clients to present their stories, ideas and information to a completely new audience. My business and marketing clients rely on me to get their message across clearly and effectively.  How can I help you today?