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Welcome to the German translation sitemap. It's here to help you find information on the German Translation Tips & Resources website quickly and easily.

Looking for something specific about German translation? Forgotten where I talked about how to charge for translation, or great ideas for getting new clients? Just use the search box below!

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Machine Translation

Glossaries & Specialist Terminology

Specialist German vocabulary: the online sources of terminology that German translators use

Language & Culture

German culture: exploring the impact of German culture on understanding language and translation

Small Business Software

Best small business software: helping you run your SOHO efficiently and profitably

Translation Associations

Professional language associations: the benefits of membership

I hope you find this German translation sitemap useful.

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Joanna Scudamore-Trezek

I'm a German to English translator living and working in Vienna,  Austria.  I turn German texts into clear and accessible English, allowing clients to present their stories, ideas and information to a completely new audience. My business and marketing clients rely on me to get their message across clearly and effectively.  How can I help you today?