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German Language - Tackling a Few Translation Challenges

Helping you avoid those potential translation pitfalls!

Now dutifully learning your vocabulary lists is one thing - you’ll find the meaning of most German words, phrases and idioms in any good German dictionary - but don’t assume that English and German punctuation, or the use of commas and decimal points is going to be the same. 

If you do, your German translation is going to be full of mistakes!

So this page is dedicated to all those additional features of the German language that you might not have considered before, and providing answers to questions such as:

  1. Where do I find those German umlauts on my keyboard?
  2. How do I write numbers in German?
  3. What are the German rules of punctuation?
  4. What do all those German abbreviations mean - bzw, usw.,?

So to save you time running around looking for answers to questions like these, I’ve worked to put together the following reference source to provide you with answers to these awkward German translation queries.

Just follow the links below - and don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference!

Don't forget...

  • German alphabet in full, a guide to pronunciation, plus a reference list of keyboard commands for German letters ( ä, ö, ü, ß, etc.) on English language keyboards
  • German Numbers – An overview, writing out German numbers, plus the pluses and minuses (mathematically speaking!) 
  • German Currency – A quick overview of the Eurozone, the use of decimal points and commas (e.g. 1,000.00 and 1.000,00 – which one is German, and which one English?!), the “Billion problem”, etc.. 
  • German Holidays - Official German holidays and major holidays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - the ones you know and don't know!
  • German Abbreviations – Common abbreviations, their meaning and English translations (e.g. z.B, usw, bzw., etc.), German SMS language from A to L and from M to Z, the use of speech marks, a guide to further resources. 
  • German Loan Words – German words such as Zeitgeist and Kindergarten which express a term so well that we no longer bother to translate them and have simply adopted them into English.

No one is ever finished when it comes to learning a language, and German is no exception.

This goes for me too - so come back regularly to see how this page grows!

And in the meantime, Happy Translating!


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> Translation Challenges

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