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My SBI! Review

Thumbs up for Solo Build It!, an honest and effective website building company

When I joined Solo Build It!  (SBI!) back in 2007 – the internet Stone Age! – it was known as Site Build It! But even then, it was busy helping ordinary people to create their own successful online businesses. I’m one of them, and since then my website (you're looking at it) has been up and running, doing just what it promised to do. It brings me visitors and new clients for my German translation business.

If you’re interested in how I found SBI you can read more here about my story.

Why this SBI! review?

I’m writing this review in response to a call by Ken Evoy, founder of Site Build It!, after a concerted attack in the form of fake and paid for negative SBI reviews by an aggressive online web hosting company.

What’s really sad is that, whereas there is evidence that webites built using Site Build It! consistently draw far more visitors and enjoy better rankings than with any other website building and hosting company, this competitor is happy to take your money while not offering you the same chance of success.

In contrast, this review is entirely voluntary, and I am not being compensated for it in any way. Except for the comfort of believing in what I’m writing, and hoping it might help save someone from making an expensive mistake and wasting their time!

In a nutshell, please be aware that there are unscrupulous types out there, making plenty of get-rich-quick promises in order to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. And by unfairly doing down their competitors, rather than honest hard work.

So why am I happy to recommend SBI!?

SBI was designed to be used by anyone prepared to apply what Ken calls BAM – brains, attitude and motivation – to take their future into their own hands by setting up their own online business.

SBI provides a complete online business planning and building toolkit, offering all the support you’ll need. It's clearly written, and outlines the steps to take so that you can be sure you’re using your time effectively.

Plus there’s an active forum in which SBI owners generously offer advice and guidance to anyone with a question. Pay it forward is the philosophy, and that’s just part of what makes SBI feel rather like a large family. But don’t just take my word for it, see what other SBI-ers are saying too.

For those of you interested in reading more:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Wishing you all the best in your own online adventure!


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> > My SBI! Review

Hi, I'm Joanna!

Welcome to my German translation website, here to help with all things translation. If you're interested, my story here.

What visitors Say

"Liebe Joanna, ich möchte dir ganz herzlich für die vielen nützlichen Informationen danken. Es ist extrem hilfreich. Vielen, vielen Dank!" 
Silke, Germany

"It's really great to see a website dedicated to the translation of only a single language. There are too many general websites around on the web."
Roshni, India

"Thanks, your website is really helpful to read about advice on getting started as a German translator....very grateful!"
Georgie, UK

"Ich bin auf deine Webseite gestoßen und finde die Seite super. Informativ, lebendiger Schreibstill. Danke für deine inspirierende Seite! Beste Grüße!"
Feng, China

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