The Dangers of Using a Free Translator!


I'm not sure if you do this kind of thing, but google translate is giving me the following translation:

German: kann ich samstag auf sonntag bei dir schlafen wieder?

English: Can i sleep with you again on saturday?

A German friend is telling me that's not actually what it means.

Can you please help?

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by: Joanna

You're right, I don't usually include correcting translations as part of my free service, but I thought this was a good opportunity to provide a real-life example to visitors of the dangers of relying on a free translator!

The German question is actually asking
"Can I stay over at your place on Saturday night again?"
- i.e in the spare bedroom, or on the sofa.

Whereas Google has suggested a much more intimate arrangement which might make the friendship a little awkward!


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