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Meet German Translators
At Work

Interviews with German translators from around the world

German translators

Need a Translation?

Wouldn’t you prefer to buy your translation from someone you know? Meet German translation professionals from around the world, find out about the person behind the service, and get the most suitable translator for your translation.

Or are you...

German translators at work.

Working as a Translator?

Being a freelance translator can seem a lonely business. Meet some of your colleagues, listen to what they have to say about their life as a freelancer, and pick up useful tips, advice and inspiration!

Take a look behind the scenes!

Ever wondered what life is really like as a German translator?

Ever wanted to “meet” the real people behind all those professional looking profiles and agency websites? Or find out how your services compare with those of your colleagues?

Translation can be a rather “virtual” business. Freelance translators work from home, communicating online with their clients and colleagues. How many translators do you know personally? How often do you meet them and talk about work?

Translation is a changing industry, and getting rapidly more professional. We all need to keep our fingers on the pulse and be aware of the changes going on around us. You may be wondering how you compare with the crowd.

So apart from attending industry events and following discussions on social networks, enjoy this chance to widen your horizons by hearing directly “from the horse’s mouth”.

A fresh perspective on German translation

Translators come from all walks of life. Some have professional experience in other fields before moving into translation. Others start directly after qualifying in languages at universities. And many are graduates of the “university of life”, benefiting from the experience of living in a variety of countries.

So what better way to discover more than to meet other German translators?

I've spoken to German translators...

...around the world – freelancers, translators who’ve started their own agencies, and others working in translation departments.

I’ve asked them how they started out in the profession, and what motivates them to get up every day. How they got to where they are today, how they view their professional lives, and a few insights into the future of translation as a career.

Plus lots of been-there, done-that tips for anyone just starting out in German translation and trying to get established.

They've given some helpful tips on:

  • Great tools and software
  • Top dictionary tips & terminology resources
  • Marketing your services effectively
  • Keeping customers happy & building long-term relationships
  • Staying on top of developments in the industry
  • Getting better paid jobs & enjoying financial success

I hope you’ll find information here to encourage you.

We all come from different backgrounds, and there are many, equally valid, routes into translation. But there are a few common practices which help make translators successful….

Buying professional translation services?

If you’re an agency or an end customer and looking to buy German translation services, I hope these interviews will also be of use.

There are thousands of Google ads for translation agencies, and hundreds of freelancers listed on translator portals. Finding the right translator for your needs can feel overwhelming. 

It’s always nice to know more about the person behind the profile and CV bullet points. I hope these interviews will provide you with some useful leads.

Each interview comes with the translator's particular specialisms and services, plus links and contacts for getting in touch.

And here's my essential guide to all the other things you should consider when buying professional translation services.

Thank you!

I’ve very much enjoyed meeting all these translators. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for taking time out from their busy schedules to provide us all with insights and information (and some great translation jokes!) which I hope you’ll find useful.


German Translation Tips & Resources

Calling all german translators!

I'd love to interview you about your work as a translator and the German translation services you offer. It's a true win-win: visitors love to hear "from the horse's mouth" about translation as a career – and you promote your services to an online audience.

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I'm a German to English translator living and working in Vienna,  Austria.  I turn German texts into clear and accessible English, allowing clients to present their stories, ideas and information to a completely new audience. My business and marketing clients rely on me to get their message across clearly and effectively.  How can I help you today?

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