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German Magazines

Boost your German language skills by reading German magazines!

german magazines

It is always easy to learn more about something you’re interested in. So why not try reading German magazines about one of your hobbies, passions or pastimes?

Not only is this a good way of getting up to date with specialized German vocabulary in a field of your choice, but it’s a chance to say “I’m working” while you put your feet up and settle down with a cup of coffee in a quiet corner!

Here is a selection of some of the most popular German magazines. The majority are available to read online for free, so I’ve added web addresses.

News & General

Der Spiegel (spiegel.de), Over 1 million copies. An English version is also available online (not necessarily one-to-one translations of the original German articles, but useful for learning how to translate German terms).

Der Stern (stern.de),1 million copies.

Focus (focus.de), 750,000 copies, designed as a competitor to Der Spiegel

Profil (profil.at), the Austrian version of German magazine Der Spiegel 


Capital (capital.de), finance and business magazine

Wirtschaftswoche (wiwo.de) (WIWO), a weekly business magazine

Gewinn (gewinn.at) , Austrian personal finance magazine

Handels Zeitung (handeslzeitung.ch), a free Swiss online magazine focusing on economics, investment, politics and lifestyle

Computers & IT

Computer Bild, (computerbild.de), the most popular computer magazine, appears fortnightly.

PCWelt (“PC World”), (pcwelt.de), monthly, ½ million copies.


Auto Bild (autobild.de), a leading car magazine.

Auto, Motor und Sport (auto-motor-und-sport.de), a circulation of around ½ million

Celebs & Gossip

Commonly known as ”Tratsch und Klatsch”!

Bunte (bunte.de), the best-selling gossip weekly, with a circulation of around ¾ million


Bravo, the largest teen magazine which has now become a brand in itself, with several spin-off magazines (e.g. Bravo TV - a youth TV magazine, Bravo sport, and Bravo Hits (music) and www.bravo.de, the online portal).

Home & Garden

Schöner Wohnen (literally “Better Living”), (schoener-wohnen.de),

WohnIdee (wohnidee.de), get a feel for contemporary German interiors


Sport Bild (sportbild.de), insight into the world of German sport (finally discover the popular German sport of handball!)


EMMA (emma.de), the leading feminist magazine in Germany, founded by Alice Schwarzer in 1977.

Internationale Politik (Internationalepolitik.de), also has a global version in English, which is the Journal of the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Cicero (cicero.de), intended as the German equivalent of “The New Yorker” or “The Atlantic Monthly”.

Fashion & Style


Bild der Frau (bildderfrau.de), Europes most popular weekly women’s magazine with a circulation of over 1 million.

Brigitte (brigitte.de), a fortnightly title which reaches more German women than any other magazine, circulation of around ¾ million.

Elle (elle.de), Elle Deutschland, the German version of Elle magazine.

TIP! Many popular international magazines have a German version – e.g. Cosmopolitan, Homes & Gardens, Country Living, National Geographic, etc. - try looking them up online by simply swapping the ".com" for a ".de"

German magazines – in English!

For those just looking to learn a little more about German life and culture (and have a relaxing read in English!) I can recommend:

German Life,  a bi-monthly magazine published in New Jersey, focusing on German culture, history and travel, and the influence of groups of German-origin on North American life.

Deutschland Online, bi-monthly, in English and German – the articles do seem to be direct translations, so this is also a great way of finding a free German translation for practicing your translating skills.

So now go pick up your chosen German magazine (or laptop), and I wish you happy reading!

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