Would Institute of Linguists Diploma be an asset?

by Beth
(North Wales)

Hello Joanna

What a brilliant idea for a website - thank you so much!
I am 57 now and have always been interested in translating. I have a Joint Honours degree in French and German. I have taught languages for many years and helped my daughter on her MA French translations. At this stage I am happy for a change in direction.
I have translated a couple of items for two different companies many years ago and have obviously spent a lot of time on translating on my degree course and teaching 'A' level.
I really feel with little experience of translation as regards to employers , would it be best for me to take the Diploma? Do you have any reviews of the Suzanne James translating course and how do I learn the necessary skills to present my work and learn about the business side of translating, please?
Many thanks

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