Where do I find a German Translator?

by Emma

I love your site but where can I find a German translator in Fredericksburg, VA.?

My German man and I want to get married in Germany and it has been a long paper trail...please advise, thank you from a desperate woman !


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German translator in VA
by: Joanna

Hi Emma

Your best bet is to use the directory of translators listed at ATA, the
American Translators Association (www.atanet.org) - top left box on their homepage ("Need a Translator or Interpreter?"). As we all use computers you probably won't need a translator right on your doorstep, but you should be
able to find someone in your local area.

I assume you need a professional to translate your own birth certificate etc. into German: Remember, as these translations will need to be accepted by the German authorities, you must make sure you use a sworn translator ("gerichtlich beeidigte Übersetzer") who is recognised by the German courts. If you only find American-based translators who are certified
for American courts, then I'd recommend using a translator based in Germany - try the directory of the German Federal Association of Translators and Interpreters (www.bdue.de - in English and German) and specify "sworn translator" in your search details.

Viel Glück!


The man's worth it!
by: Emma

Dear Joanna, Thank you so much. I was hoping to get all the paperwork done here in the states but it is the "official" that I wanted to be sure of. I will wait until I return to Germany. It seems that there are quite a few of us German/American folks that find the paperwork very challenging when getting married. All information I find is if the couple will be marrying and staying in the USA and in my case, I am marrying a German and staying in Germany. Anyway.... thank you for your help, I will continue plodding on, the man is indeed worth it !!!

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