Translation of "Love Bug"

by Dona
(Louisiana, USA)

Hi Joanna!
I'm trying to find the proper German translation for the words "Love Bug" as in the Volkswagen car.
I want to put it on a license plate as a Christmas gift. There are so many uses of both words, I'm not sure which is correct.
Can you help?

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Ein toller Käfer
by: Joanna

The nearest I can find is "Toller Käfer" - great/super bug. But it isn't a popular phrase the way "Love Bug" is.
The German title of the Herbie film The Love Bug is Ein toller Käfer.
Bit long for a licence plate I fear!

Love Bug
by: Dona

Thanks Joanna! The best I had come up with is "Liebe Käfer". So what does that mean?

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