Translating from German to a second language

Dear Joanna

I am a freelance translator. I have a BA in English translation, but my native language is not English. I have been working as a freelance translator for 4 years.

Currently, I am studying German, but I haven't mastered it yet. I love learning a new language and I would like to become a German translator (translating from German to English and vice versa).

I know that for a non-native English or German speaker doing the task of translating the source language into a language other than your mother tongue is considered very hard or almost impossible. However, I read on this subject online and another translator was talking about a translator who translated texts into language that wasn't native to him and was very successful at doing so.

I was wondering if pursuing this path might gain any results and if so, where should I start regarding German translation?

Or should I look into another career that needs foreign language skills? I would like to know your opinion on this matter.

Thank you for your consideration


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