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There are many free translation websites on the web.

They offer instant Machine Translation services which will translate your documents, short texts, phrases and emails, all in and out of a multitude of language combinations.

These free online translators will give you an automated German translation, but usually hope to sell you translation software or human translations on the back of their free offerings. (If they were just as good as human translations, I wouldn't have needed to write this website!)

Will a Free Online Translator do the job?

If you're not sure that a machine translation provided by a free online translator is what you need, maybe you should think about these points first and be aware of what makes a "good" German translation.

Our Top 10

Here is our table of selected providers in descending order of functionality. Try them and see the results for yourself.

As you can see, a variety of translation options are on offer:

Type required phrase into entry field and state required language

Short texts
Cut and paste the text to be translated into the entry field (often limited to max.150 words)

Upload document files and request instant translation

Simply enter URL of the website you wish to have translated

Enter your email text and the receipient's email address into the entry field, and specify the language in which it should be sent.

Website & URLPhraseTextsDoc.WebsiteEmail
x (max. 150 words)xxx
Yahoo Babel Fish
x (max. 150 words)xx
Google Translator
xx (max. 150 words)x
Applied Language Solutions
x (max. 150 words)xx
xx (max. 500
Prompt Translator
Local Translation

TIP! Many of these websites encourage you to purchase translation software. Before purchasing, don't forget to review the best translation software available for German translation.

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