Can I get work experience with Swiss?

I am a student at the University of Birmingham studying BA single honours German Studies. I will be going into my second year and would love to become involved in the translation industry in the future.

Do you think it would be possible to get work experience with the airline Swiss? I hear there is a Swiss office in Birmingham city centre, is that correct? I would love to come and speak to someone about future job prospects.
I would be grateful for any advice you are able to provide.
Many thanks,


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Working for a Swiss company
by: Joanna

There is a Swiss office in Birmingham and you?ll find their address on the Swiss website ( No idea of their employment policies for the UK.
If you wanted to work for them in Switzerland, then there may be some restrictions on working as Switzerland is not an EU member. I guess your best bet would be to start with the Swiss Federal office for migration (
Although the German-speaking population of Switzerland write in Swiss Standard German, you may pick up a wonderful Swiss German accent (?Schwyzerdütsch?) if you spend much time there - but if Switzerland is the country you plan to subsequently work with/live in, then that?s what you?ll need!
As a word of encouragement, the number of German language students in the UK is apparently plummeting, so I?d say your future job prospects with German look very good.


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