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The German Translation blog keeps you up to date with new content at German Translation Tips and Resources. I’ll also be commenting on news from the world of translation and making observations about the (often humorous!) use of German translation in day-to-day life!

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German Translation Tips & Resources

Help with a German phrase for a tattoo

Hello Joanna. I came across your website after looking and looking for German translation help. Essentially, I am Scandinavian and German. I have paid

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Translation of "Love Bug"

Hi Joanna! I'm trying to find the proper German translation for the words Love Bug as in the Volkswagen car. I want to put it on a license plate as a

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Hi Joanna I am translating some German 'Death' Cards and come across (7JHr Abl.) and (30 TG Abl) I think they are something to do with indulgences or

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A real SBI! review from a real SBIer

This vintage SBI-er offers a real SBI! review because after 10 years of working with Ken Evoy and Solo Build It! she knows it does exactly what it says on the box!

Continue reading "A real SBI! review from a real SBIer"

UG wohnung

Hi Joanna, i am wondering what UG stands for. i can speak a bit of german, lived 15 km from border but never heard of UG wohnung. cannot find it on the

Continue reading "UG wohnung"

German name abbreviation

Could you tell me the full name abbreviated: Diedr.? I think it may be Diederich but I'm not sure. Thank you for your help.

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meaning of brummfidel

Any idea what Brummfidel means in English, as in the phrase Brummfidel, Pestilenz und Weltuntergang. I've checked about 20 online dictionaries. No luck.

Continue reading "meaning of brummfidel"

Would Institute of Linguists Diploma be an asset?

Hello Joanna What a brilliant idea for a website - thank you so much! I am 57 now and have always been interested in translating. I have a Joint Honours

Continue reading "Would Institute of Linguists Diploma be an asset?"

Looking for an online or distance learning program

Hi Joanna, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and am looking for a degree or certification program I can take online. I am completely bilingual, and have

Continue reading "Looking for an online or distance learning program"

Translation From German to English: Literary Translation

Exploring the world of literary translation from German to English – my first experiences in book translation and life as a literary translator.

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Hi, I'm Joanna!

Welcome to my German translation website, here to help with all things translation. If you're interested, my story here.

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"Liebe Joanna, ich möchte dir ganz herzlich für die vielen nützlichen Informationen danken. Es ist extrem hilfreich. Vielen, vielen Dank!" 
Silke, Germany

"It's really great to see a website dedicated to the translation of only a single language. There are too many general websites around on the web."
Roshni, India

"Thanks, your website is really helpful to read about advice on getting started as a German translator....very grateful!"
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"Ich bin auf deine Webseite gestoßen und finde die Seite super. Informativ, lebendiger Schreibstill. Danke für deine inspirierende Seite! Beste Grüße!"
Feng, China

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